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I have been in the banking world for over 20 years and have seen various ways CEO's, VP'S and managers think.  I have witnessed CEO's who listen and have a watchful eye on their employees' and atmosphere. If a talented employee is spotted, regardless if there is a degree or not, he/she will find a solution to ensure that employee excel's, he/she will advance the employee or train, or a create a position use the employees full potential.  In return, the institution has a loyal, dedicated employee that will learn to stait that was in instilled in them.  The other employees will see this action and will usually go and over their job requirements.  I have witnessed where there are major problems & employees offer suggestions to help correct the problem, instead of listening and thinking of the solutions offered they immediately say that it will not work without even putting thought to it.  He/she only want to be the person who makes solutions and causes the atmosphere to feel as they are not part of the team.  In turn, the employees do the minimum work requirements and to top it off, the managers or VP's or CEO's solution only hindered to the problem. 

When I became a manager and part of the committee to find solutions for our instituition, I tried not to make the same errors and tried to fit every puzzle together before making a decision.  So, I listened, observed the scernio and "drew up" a soltions.  Before I finalized, the employees needing the "repair",  I would present the possible solution for them to test.  Should they find something that could make it better, I would listen, tweek it, and represent again.  In all honestly, everytime i did this, it became a vaulable method or tool.  My employees knew i would not say no immediately or find fault until we worked them out as team.  It made the atmosphere enjoyable and stress of me, cause I knew I was getting 100% from my team.


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