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Found 1 result

  1. While reading the first chapter I thought about the twelve (literally) projects sitting on my desk that are in various stages of completion - everything from actually writing a strategic plan to preaparing the organization to offer home equity loans again. Then I came to the sentence, "there exists twelve universal activities that all leaders perform on a daily basis." My first thought: that's a little oversimplified, isn't it? Flipping the page I saw the four categories, the activities, and the funnel. And then I had to laugh, especially about the funnel. Every day my thoughts jump randomly from category to category, leaving me feeling as if I've survived a mental tornado at the end of the day. (As an aside, the mental exhaustion that comes from these daily mental tornados was the thing for which I was most unprepared when I became a CEO). In MBA school you are taught analysis, the actions to take to accurately define a problem, how to develop a strategy, how to implement tactics to deliver results, and how to measure results to define success or failure. But you're not taught these activities have as structure. I think ET will add value by providing a structure for thinking that will expedite completion of key projects. Probably gonna have to read the whole book now! And it's a whopper.