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  1. This was by far the best chapter to me. For me it is hard to the forest for the trees, because everyday you are pulled in so many directions and everyone needs one for something. this chapter provided some tools to help guide you to see the 50,000 feet prospective and to think things through. The CST model is my new approach to not get through my day, but to maximize and make sure things are efficient, prosperous, and effective.
  2. It may just be me, but you have to have a strong team around you for this approach to work. Great perspective.
  3. I am working on the Picture. Everyone I try to upload is to large. When working out front is out of necessity more than anything. I don't have the luxury of working just to show a presence, there is always an plan.
  4. This section had some amazing points, but it also had a few catch 22 moments as well. I strongly feel leaders lead from the front. In my daily walk, I try to stay engaged with what is going on in the lobby of each branch as well as the branch managers. I use this information to analyze the process, people, and products. The catch 22 of this is, I get trapped in the day to day operations and now I'm not able to step back and think. Where is the happy medium to this? Does anyone else find themselves in this situation? What have you found that works best for you?