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  1. One aspect of global awareness that truly hits home for me is people and culture and languages and all those differences that exist therein. Our membership base is heavily weighted in the Hispanic community, many of whom speak predominantly Spanish. Being aware of that has allowed us to broaden our perspectives and hire more bilingual front line representatives. This allows us to better serve our members, make them feel more welcome and appreciated and it also breaks down the inevitable communication barriers that would otherwise exist and potentially hinder progress for the credit union.
  2. I agree that capturing the Millenials is important and that in this day and age, technology rules. People, millenials in particular, want convenience and ease of access, If your organization doesn't have or isn't prepared or willing to implement the proper technology, you are at risk of losing a significant segment of the market.
  3. I agree with Adelina regarding having a desired outcome provides a level of clarity and direction going into a project or decision making process. This can certainly be applied to all aspects of decision making in our lives.