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  1. After reading this section of chapter 13 it made me realize how important sales are all across the organization. We all play a role and if I understand how to navigate or use the proper path I will be more successful and gain more YESSEs! Figure 13.2 will become part of my wall until I completely soak in all the different ways to navigate sales. The imagery is intended to give you a reference so when you are considering how you’d like to sell, you don’t forget the myriad options available to you.
  2. chapter 13

    Very true now that I understand the matrix I can see how we all sell on a daily basis. I know this chapter will be beneficial to all management team members but especially to the BD team.
  3. Hiring the right candidate for your team is vital for the organization. After reading the different methods that Southwest and Disney utilize for their hiring process gave me a better understanding on what I need to do. In the past my HR gives me options but, she has the final decision. This section will allow me to have a better ground when discussing future candidates for my team.
  4. Ouch! I do the same I rather do it for them and you are correct it is a disadvantage for my team.
  5. Cyclonic Thinking Time is a great concept that I would of never put thought into. I like the idea of having time to generate ideas and options. I know that I want to adapt this to my lifestyle it will benefit in all aspects of my life. I want to make improved and confident decisions for the organization. Desire outcome gives us a clarity on our starting reference for a strategy. As a team we may never agree on an actual term for our end result and I never imagined having so many terms with different meanings. The example thread gives us an actual picture on what a desire outcome is. It is crazy I do have the first week in July off aka VACATION. Perfect timing my desire outcome is family time. It is amazing and so true how our minds wants to take over and start acting. Chapter three is fully loaded with steroids so much valuable information that I will have to re visit again to fully intake the nutrients that it has to offer.
  6. Love your idea on "Marinate" I think I will use your folder method thanks for sharing!
  7. On the job training where we watch and mimic I have done this with the desire to learn but I have realize that I am just mimicking and not learning the process. The leader's behavior is not understood this is so true I always wonder why was that the end result. I always had the desire when I first began my career in the CU to have a coach or mentor that could transfer (teach) their thinking skills as a new employee or recruit of the cu. When you teach leadership, talking about what you do isn’t enough this is a new challenge for me my new goal is to teach and transfer what I have learned to my team. I like the analogy of the gardener as a credit union we need to see how our products and services will affect our members just like the bush he planted had an affect by the other plans around it; we need to make it our priority to know our members’ financial seasons.
  8. Change is good but when explained in full details. Things are always different from the outside and it may look bad but, once you step in the room you can see the whole picture. I agree it is vital for leaders to take time to explain or bring the person into the room for them to have a complete understanding. Thank you David and each of you that took time to post and share your thoughts!
  9. I have worked with people that react to what other FI campaigns and they want us to rush into action. After we rush into action we later discover that we have to pull the plug on the project we did not think it through, cost, time and energy spent gave us nothing. With the Economic Thinking process I feel that it will allow me to be a leader that thinks and does not jump into action too quickly. The words below will be a good guide in future projects. "The better able a leader is to think through an idea before committing to action, the greater the chances an organization has to achieve higher returns, all while mitigating risk and reducing expenses"
  10. When I was Director of Business Development I was hands on and I felt that I had to live by example in order for me to lead the BD team. Now as a VP of BD & Marketing I completely agree I have challenge myself to plan and strategies. At first I felt that I was not busy since I was sitting in the office researching and trying to empower my team in developing thinking skills. I started managing my time for efficient which allows me to still be visible in the community through the BD aspect but my number one priority is to think. 0 Like this